Fact Sheet:
Region: Baffin
Population: 1,538 (94% Inuit)
Latitude: 69° 22.6' N, Longitude: 81° 48.0' W
(2,690 km north of Ottawa)

Igloolik, located on a small island just off the Nunavut mainland in Foxe Basin, is known for the cultural continuity that has been preserved in the traditions and language of the area.  Although Igloolik is part of the Qikiqtani or Baffin region, its central location has resulted in a culture that is a mix of Inuit traditions from each of the three regions.  Inuit culture is being preserved and promoted by the people of Igloolik and through the exceptional work of the Elders Society and Isuma Productions, an Inuit-owned film production company.  In contrast to much of the Qikiqtani region, the terrain near Igloolik is flat and accessible, and local outfitters are well equipped to offer a variety of outings.

Potential non-renewable resources in the region include: iron, coal, gold, diamonds, uranium, and base metals.

Population Pyramid - Igloolik: Click To Enlarge

Population figures based on Statistics Canada 2006 Census