Hall Beach

Fact Sheet:
Region: Baffin
Population: 654 (96% Inuit)
Latitude: 68° 46.8' N, Longitude: 81° 14.4' W
(2,620 km north of Ottawa)

Hall Beach, located on the shore of Foxe Basin on the Melville Peninsula, was created when a Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line site was built in the area in 1957 to help monitor Canadian air space in the north. The DEW line site has since been replaced by a modern North Warning System radar facility in the community. 

Hall Beach is traditionally referred to as Sanirayak, or “one that is along the coast”, and is known for spectacular Arctic char fishing and an abundance of marine mammals, including one of the largest walrus populations in the Arctic.

Potential non-renewable resources in the region include: iron, coal, gold, diamonds, uranium, and base metals.

Population Pyramid - Hall Beach: Click To Enlarge

Population figures based on Statistics Canada 2006 Census