Cape Dorset

Fact Sheet:
Region: Baffin
Population: 1,236 (92% Inuit)
Latitude: 64° 13.8' N, Longitude: 76° 31.8' W
(2,090 km north of Ottawa)

Cape Dorset is located on southwestern Baffin Island, and is also known as Kingait, or “high mountains.”  The area has a long history of habitation and numerous Thule and Inuit archaeological sites can be visited in the nearby Mallikjuaq Historic Park.  The community is the gateway to the Dewey Soper Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which provides critical summer nesting habitat to up to two million migratory birds.  The tourism industry is strong in Cape Dorset and local outfitters are well equipped to assist in a variety of activities.

Artists from Cape Dorset have an international reputation as leading producers of Inuit art, with sculptures, drawings and prints showcased in galleries around the world.  The arts have an enormous contribution to the local economy, with over 20% of the population being employed in the sector.

Potential non-renewable resources in the region include: iron, gold, diamonds, and gemstones.

Population Pyramid - Cape Dorset: Click To Enlarge

Population figures based on Statistics Canada 2006 Census