Keewatin Regional Land Use Plan

The Keewatin Regional Land Use Plan was approved in June 2000. It provides strategic direction for land and resource use in the Keewatin Planning Region. A complete copy of the Plan can be found here.

The Keewatin Planning Region

The Keewatin Planning Region is shown here. Most residents of the region live in the seven hamlets of Arviat, Baker Lake, Chesterfield Inlet, Coral Harbour, Rankin Inlet, Repulse Bay and Whale Cove. 

Major Planning Themes

The Keewatin Regional Land Use Plan deals with the major themes of;

  • Community Use Areas and Local Authority
  • Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation
  • Mineral, Oil and Gas Exploration and Development 
  • Heritage Resources 
  • Transportation and Regional Infrastructure
  • Scientific Research
  • Cumulative Effects and Ecosystem Monitoring
  • Clean up and monitoring of Waste Sites

Project Proposals in the Keewatin Planning Region 

All project proposals in the Keewatin Planning Region that require a licence or authorization from a land use authorizing agency must  be assessed by the NPC for conformity with the KRLUP. 

In general terms, a project proposal will be determined to conform to KRLUP if the NPC considers it is a type of use contemplated by, and consistent with, the principles of the NBRLUP. 

The Commission will forward its determination and any recommendation to the appropriate land use authorizing agencies.

If it is determined that a project proposal conforms to a land use plan, the Commission will also forward the project proposal, with its determination and any recommendations, to the Nunavut Impact Review Board for screening, unless the project proposal is exempt from screening pursuant to Schedule 12-1 of the NLCA.